Ed Smith

Mr. Smith’s music career as a jazz vibraphonist and percussionist spans more than three decades. He has performed with distinguished artists such as John Cage, Phil Wilson, Louie Bellson, Johnny Mathis, Steve Houghton,, Ed Soph, Glen Velez, Trichy Sankaran, Nyoman Wenten, Hands On’Semble and many others. Ed also composes and performs with the cross-cultural jazz-fusion group, Brahmah. He has performed concerts and masterclasses all over America, Asia, Mexico and Europe. Ed began traveling to Bali, Indonesia in 1995 to study the music of wayang kulit (shadow puppet play) on gender wayang. While in Bali in 1998, Ed was awarded the high honor of performing on the gender wayang with his teacher, Ketut Madri, in a temple celebration. Since 2002 Ed has also been studying the repertoire of the large Balinese gamelan, gong kebyar

Ed is on the percussion faculty at the University of North Texas, teaching jazz vibraphone and Balinese gamelan. He also teaches at Southern Methodist University and Cedar Valley College.

Ed is a Malletech Vibe Artist.